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Avocado Huggers

Avocado Huggers are designed to keep the leftover half fresh for longer. Our set of two sizes makes sure you’re covered for avocados large and small.

What sizes are the Avocado Huggers?

Avocado Huggers come in two different sizes, small and large.

What size avocados do Avocado Huggers hug?

Our largest Avocado Hugger will fit avocados between  4.3"- 5.25" long and 3.5" - 4" wide. Our small Avocado Hugger will fit avocados between 3.5" - 4.25" long and 2.4" - 3" wide. We created these two sizes so that you could be sure that whatever kin

Are Avocado Huggers dishwasher safe?

Yes, absolutely! Once you’ve eaten every last bit of your avocado half saved in an Avocado Hugger, throw it in the dishwasher so it’ll be ready to go for the next avocado craving!

How long will an Avocado Hugger keep my avocado green?

Avocados are pretty temperamental fruits and some are kinder than others with how long they’ll stay green. How ripe the avocado is when you first hug it, also can make a difference. It is difficult to give a precise answer as to exactly how long you

How do I use my Avocado Huggers?

Check out this page for a step-by-step guide on how to use your Avocado Huggers. Use as Easy as 1-2-3. 1 - Hook stem end of avocado into the Hugger. 2 - Stretch your Avocado Hugger around your avocado and secure edges. 3 - The unique pit pocket can b

How do Avocado Huggers work?

Avocado Huggers create a snug seal around your avocado half keeping the moisture in and the air out. This slows down the oxidation process to keep your avocado half fresh for longer.

Why are there two sizes of Avocado Huggers?

Avocados come in a wide variety of sizes so we needed to offer two pieces in each set in order to be sure that every customer received an Avocado Hugger that fits whichever kind of avocados are their faves!

Can you freeze a hugged avocado?

Avocado Huggers are completely freezer safe. We recommend spraying the avocado with lemon or lime juice and making sure the avocado fits snugly into your Avocado Hugger before being stored in the freezer. Check out this Masterclass guide to freezing

Any extra tips for even LONGER lasting avocados?

We do have a couple of tips we can share to help keep that avocado green as long as possible:. Don’t remove the skin from your leftover avocado half. Squeeze a bit of lime juice or lemon juice on the flesh side of your avocado. Store it in an Avocado