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Using Food Huggers at Home

Useful tips on how to utilize Food Huggers at home.

How do I clean my Food Huggers?

Cleaning your Food Huggers is simple. Just pop them in the dishwasher between "huggings," and they'll come out sparkling clean and ready for the next use. No dishwasher? No problem! You can also hand clean your Food Huggers using the same methods and

What are the different uses for Food Huggers®?

Food Huggers were designed to protect and cover leftover fruits and veggies to help keep them fresh. Since then, our team members and customers have found a ton of other great uses for their "huggers". Here are a few of our favorites. If you come up

Does “Hugged” food need to be stored in the fridge?

Absolutely! For optimal freshness, we suggest refrigerating cut fruits and vegetables. Even produce like tomatoes, typically stored outside the fridge before cutting, should be kept in the refrigerator once they've been sliced. Keep it cool for longe

How much longer does food last?

Great question! The patented Food Huggers' design adapts and folds itself around your leftover fruits or veggies to replace the missing skin or peel that has been cut away. That peel or skin was Nature's way of protecting and preserving the food. Onc

Do Food Huggers® hold onto smells?

It is unusual for a Food Hugger to absorb any odors. However we've had a small number of customers who found themselves with a stubborn or lingering scent. Our number one suggestion is to bake the smell out of your Food Huggers®. To do this, just pre

Are Food Huggers® dishwasher safe?

Yes!  Food Huggers® are dishwasher safe making them as easy to clean as they are easy to use.

What is the Environmental Benefit of Food Huggers®?

Reducing Food Waste. Reducing Single Use Plastics.

How do you use the Food Huggers for best results?

We have made a quick video that shows you how to best use your Food Huggers®.