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Why are Hugger Bags made of Platinum Silicone?Updated 6 months ago

Why are the hugger bags are made with platinum silicone and the Food Huggers are not?

Sometimes different tasks require different tools. The most important aspect of the material that we use is meeting the best standards for safety in food storage. The detail that indicates that the safety standard is the FDA-grade certification.

Platinum describes how the silicone material is cured. For most of us, the first time we hear about platinum it is a "platinum record" and so we think that platinum is just plain better. Not the case. Curing silicone with platinum is more difficult and more expensive than other curing methods, but this extra expense allows the silicone to be translucent or see-through.

When designing the Food Huggers we did not see a need to use see-through material and so platinum material would have been a lot more expensive and would not have added much extra value. BUT with our Hugger Bags there are a lot of advantages to being able to see what's in your Hugger Bag and so we opted for platinum silicone. 

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