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Where are Food Huggers made?Updated 7 months ago

We realize that many people aim to purchase products that are made in their country or as close as possible and we admire that. In 2013, as we began our Kickstarter campaign, we reached out to a good friend in China that we had worked with for many years and that we knew we could trust. Starting a new company is an incredibly daunting task and it gave us great comfort to be able to work with a friend who we knew would take care of our design, and give the best quality product possible. We have verified multiple times with well recognized third parties that our manufacturing partner is an ethical and safe workplace. We would not be friends in the first place with anyone who is not an upstanding and kind hearted manufacturer.

We have looked into the possibility of being Made in USA a few times. So far it has not been viable to produce in USA and keep the pricing affordable for our customers. The retail prices would have had to go WAY up. If you would like us to let you know when/if we are able to do Made in USA Food Huggers® please email us with the subject title “Made in USA” and we can add you to our list of customers who are interested. Thanks for reaching out.

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