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What Makes Fabric Bags So Expensive?Updated 2 months ago

Food Huggers® Fabric Bags are made with an innovative fabric that consists of 100% cotton that is coated by hand with the highest (LFGB) food grade silicone. They are an excellent replacement for single-use plastic baggies and plastic wrap, saving you about $20 a year (and another $20 the year after that! and so on…) in plastic baggies (approximate cost of 540 plastic baggies/year used by the average American household) and $50 a year in plastic wrap (approximate cost of 10 rolls of plastic wrap/year). Although our Fabric Bags cost more than baggies at the beginning, in the long run, they pay for themselves in the amount saved from no longer needing to buy single use food storage options. In addition to the economical advantage, our oceans, marine life and landfills will thank you!

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