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What can I use my Food Huggers® Fabric Bags for?Updated 2 months ago

Food Huggers® Fabric Cuff Bag

The options are endless. The cuff bag is great for storage around your home and office. It makes an adorable bread basket. Grab your favorite clip or clothes pin and these small bags are great for package free bulk shopping.

Food Huggers® Fabric Coffee Bag

Take your reusable coffee bag wherever you buy your beans and to reduce the packaging that comes with your morning cuppa. This bag is perfect for all kinds of bulk grocery and packaging free shopping. Reusable and dishwasher safe, these are bags you will love to own. 

Food Huggers® Fabric Sandwich Bag

A classic design reinvented for modern use. No more single-use plastic baggies. Fabric Sandwich Bags are a beautiful option for carrying your sammy or snacks to the office, a hike, or keeping them handy in the car. These lightweight and dishwasher safe bags are perfect to bring along to the farmer’s market or bulk grocery store for a packaging free shopping experience.  

Food Huggers® Fabric Bulk Bag

Our Bulk Bag is fantastic for bulk shopping, transporting large amounts of food and all the same general uses as the Sandwich Bag above. Bring a few of these lightweight and dishwasher safe bags to the farmer’s market or bulk grocery store for a packaging-free shopping experience. 

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