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Is the Food Huggers Bowl Lids seal Airtight? Watertight?Updated a year ago

When the fit between your bowl and the lid is snug, the seal is both airtight and watertight. You just need to make sure you use the right sized lid for your bowl. Each lid will fit over and seal a range of different bowl sizes and shapes. The adaptability of this fit was invented to protect your food and keep it as fresh as possible without making you buy or use a second set of storage dishes. If you find that your reusable bowl lid is too loose to get the quality of seal you want, just swap down to the next smallest size to get a tighter fit. The best way to know you have the right size is to listen for the sound when you apply the lid.  If you hear your bowl give a "little sigh of relief" then you know you have an airtight seal.  You can hear the sound in this video.

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