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Are Food Huggers Plastic-Free?Updated 4 months ago

Absolutely. Food Huggers are completely free of plastic and our packaging is 100% plastic free as well.  More than that, Food Huggers are a reusable alternative to single use plastic wrap, baggies and foil. Using Food Huggers in place of disposable plastic helps to reduce our landfills while keeping your food as fresh as possible. 

Our silicone food savers are a great option for those who want to quit plastic and replace their single use plastic wrap and plastic baggies with something reusable. 

Silicone is a BPA free, synthetic, rubber (not to be confused with the element silicon which is an ingredient in this rubber). Be aware, some people confuse silicone as being made purely from sand. This is not the case. Silicone is a manufactured material that is free of petroleum and does not contain any fossil fuels. 

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